Tips for a great maternity photoshoot

Tips for a great maternity photoshoot

Maternity is an exciting phase in a women’s life – you are constantly looking at your growing bump and cant wait to get your hands on your cute little bundle of joy. The nausea, the tiredness, the pampering and the constant changes to your body – there is always something new happening. It is but natural that you would want to capture these beautiful moments when life is growing within you. 

A gorgeous maternity portraiture is something every mom-to be wants. A bit of planning ahead with your photographer will ensure that you get the best out of your pregnancy photoshoot. 

There are various aspects that you need to consider for the session 

  • What is the best time to plan for a maternity session?
  • How to choose pregnancy photoshoot dresses?
  • What are the best timings for a pregnancy photoshoot?
  • Maternity photoshoot locations to consider
  • Choosing your maternity photographer
  • Ideas to include siblings during a maternity shoot

The best time to do a maternity photoshoot is when you are around 8 months into your pregnancy. You can plan to have an outdoor maternity session or a lifestyle maternity photoshoot at home. 

Pregnancy photoshoot dresses

The best maternity dresses that you could go for a full gown, dress or Indian maternity attires. It is important that the dress fits you snug to show off the fabulous bump.

Solid colours are most preferred. We also suggest mothers to wear floral designs as they give an elegant look to your photographs.

Ensure that you plan both the husbands and the sibling’s outfits to complement your dress and the look that you or your photographer may be trying to achieve.

Accessories such as a belt, earrings, headbands go a long way in stylizing your overall look in the photograph.

Finally keep in mind what suits your personality the best and keep it simple and true to yourself carry it off with aplomb.

Floral dresses add a lot of beauty to the images


Golden hour timings and early mornings are the best time to do a maternity photoshoot.

We prefer a style of lighting where we utilize the softer light that is present in the mornings or the afternoons.

Please ensure that you reach on the time decided between you and your photographer. Keep in mind the distance and traffic from your home to the maternity photoshoot location.

Maternity photoshoot Locations

Maternity Photoshoot Indoor

Shoots at your house make for great lifestyle maternity photos. You also get to incorporate activities and elements that are very personal to you and make for a very homely and personal shoot. Keep in mind the lighting conditions within your house when scheduling the shoot.

Outdoor maternity session

Outdoor sessions are the most popular among couples. Outdoors such a parks or resorts offer refreshing green and colorful backgrounds that ensure you get varied backgrounds in the photographs.

Inquire from your photographer on the terrain, location of changing rooms and refreshment facilities in the area and plan accordingly.

Maternity Poses

Your photographer will know best on the pregnancy photoshoot poses and the maternity props.

If you are a couple that prefers minimal direction and would want only candid memories then communicate to your maternity shoot photographer and they can plan the pregnancy photoshoot accordingly.

We suggest that you keep it natural and try to get the best results from our set of individual and couple poses.

Get to know your maternity photographer

Choosing a good maternity photographer will ensure that you get stylish and elegant maternity pictures. Explore various options online or through referrals. Word-of-mouth recommendations work out the best – since someone you know has already worked with the photographer. Also, be sure to check out the review section on their FB page and their work on instagram and website.

Talk to your photographer prior to your photoshoot and explain to them the style of photos that you may be looking for. Talk to them about how they handle rescheduling in case of any circumstances like health, weather etc. Also, if you are looking for a maternity and newborn package, check if the photographers newborn work is good.

Getting to know your photographer also ensures that you are comfortable with them and are confident that they are aware of the style of photographs that you are expecting.

Including the siblings

Siblings are high in energy and would be very excited to be part of the pregnancy shoot. 

This is a memory that the brother or sister will always cherish and such pictures make for some very cute maternity photoshoot ideas. Please check with your pregnancy shoot photographer and they can give you an educate you of the pregnancy shoot ideas with toddlers.

Things that are often missed out

Having been maternity photographers in Bangalore for some years, we realise that couples often miss a few things even if they plan ahead.

  1. Be sure to share the type of photographs that you want so that the photographer can merge it into their workflow during the shoot
  2. If you would want some pictures from your maternity photoshoot to be executed in a similar manner as part of the newborn photoshoot, then discuss these with your photographer
  3. Wear/Carry comfortable shoes during the shoot. This is important from a safety perspective while walking around during the shoot.
  4. Carry some basic kit comprising a comb, tissues and water bottles and snacks. 

If you would like some inspiration on some maternity photoshoot ideas then Pinterest is a very good place to get started.

After all this elaborate planning, its time to relax, go ahead and enjoy your photoshoot.

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