Shyamala & Alton

We are a team of baby photographers in Bangalore specializing in maternity, newborn and baby photography.

Little Memory Box started with our own journey as parents. As we started capturing moments with our own boy, every picture was precious and engaging experience.

We honestly believe that what shows in an image is not just a picture, but stems from ones varied experiences as people, our readings, our interactions, who we are as an individual and how we look at the world.

We take our time and we ensure our shoots are a relaxed and beautiful experience for your family.
We love meeting folks and having a nice time and thats how we plan all our maternity shoots. Lots of fun, laughter, some quiet moments, all this while we hang out and enjoy just before your new joy arrives.
After working with so many babies, Ive learnt to understand their rhythmns. I’m very comfortable with these munchkins and along the way, we’ve learnt a lot on how to soothe babies. We love everytime a mom tells us that they themselves have learnt a few ideas to soothe their bubs during the shoot.

There was a moment when working in the corporate world (where I spent about 10 years), that I decided that I wanted a different direction for my life and do what I like and I have tried to stay true to that.
Alton and me love being surrounded by nature. The hustle and bustle of the city often gets to us and we keep making trips outside Bangalore to just rejuvenate. We have taken part in various wildlife courses across India – a biodiversity program with BNHS,conservation training at IISc and naturalist trainings.
When not doing shoots over the weekends we are busy planning birding outings with our friends.

I also love gardening and every morning, my pots welcome me into my small green patch in our balcony.
In my quest to know more about food and farming, I came across permaculture , a design methodology for creating sustainable habitats.
I now volunteer with a firm that is into permaculture and contribute my time in designing farms, urban lakes and restoration projects to be sustainable, bio diverse and productive community places.

To see some of our latest work on instagram, please follow us @ littlememorybox